LPO Financing


As a one-stop shop for our clients financing needs, we provide needed support for the execution of their Local Purchase Orders (LPO) by providing between 70 – 90% of funding requirements for such contracts. With this product, we meet the Procurement and Supplies needs of our clients and position them in the advantageous position of timely satisfaction of their employer and the financial muscle to do more.

One of our strengths is our timely response which ensures that our client receives a feedback from us within 72 hours of submitting their request and most have tested our resolve through this product and are satisfied.

Additionally, with our perennial financial comfort, we would prefer to take the stress off you by taking over your sourcing if necessary (locally or imported), warehousing and supplies as required to optimize your operational efficiency with enviable track records for many other blue chip companies.


  • We help our customers to access short and medium term financing for their working-capital and asset-purchase needs.
  • This is subject to a maximum tenure of 90 days at 5% interest rate per month with the option of roll-over to the next 30 days at 1% penal rate after the expiry of the facility.
  • Principal does not exceed 70% of total contract sum according to the LPO.